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Master of Laws (LLM) is a 2 Years Duration Course that a Degree Course If you Do this Courses before You Have Bachelor Degree in Law (LLM). It is otherwise called Master of Legislative Law and is a Post-Graduation Courses. Structure of the LLM depends on the different specialization. LLM distance learning course is given by the few graduate schools and colleges for law distance education in India. In this Course You can check the Distance Education Courses and Syllabus of Master of Laws (LLM), through online portal.

The LLM Distance Learning Course is a Professional Law Degree. Or on the other hand an Undergraduate Degree in a related subject. The Master of Laws has a fundamental expert degree for entrance into legitimate practice. In the wake of having total in the level of Law To turn into a legal counselor and specialize in legal matters in many nations and States. For confirmation in the LLM, a competitor needs to give the Entrance examination, for example, CLAT, AILET, LSAT, and so on.

LLM Jobs Employment Areas:

  • Litigation Firms
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Corporate Houses (legal departments)
  • Research Dept.
  • Law Firms
  • Courtrooms
  • Arbitration Consultancies

Some of Distance Master of Laws (LLM) Specializations:

  • Sacred Law: – It is a Law Which Defines the Role, Powers, and Structure of the Different Entities within a State, the Executive, the Parliament or Legislature, and the Judiciary.
  • Family Law: – It is a Law That Deals with Family Matters and Domestic Relations.
  • Human Rights: – Human Rights Are Moral Principles or Norms That Explain Certain Principles of Human Behavior, and Are on a Regular Basis Protected as Legal Rights in Community and International Law.
  • Protection Laws: – It is the Practice of Law Surrounding Insurance, Counting Insurance Policies, and Claims.
  • Tax collection Law: – It is an Area of Legal Study dealing With the Legitimate, Common-law, Statutory, Tax Treaty, and Regulatory Rules That Comprise the Law Applicable to Taxation.
  • Corporate Law Degree and Governance or Commercial law (Including International Business): – It is Also Known as Business Law or Corporate Law That is a System of Law That Applies to Many Countries. It’s also the Body of Law That Applies to the Rights, Relations, and Conduct of Persons and Businesses involved in Commerce, Merchandising, Trade, and Sales.
  • Criminal Law: – It is the Body of Law That Relates to Crime. It Proscribes conduct Perceived as Threatening, Damaging or Otherwise Endangering to the Property, Health, Safety, and Moral Welfare of People.
  • Ecological Law: – It, Also Known as Environmental and Natural Resources Law, is a Communal Term Recounting the Network of Treaties, Statutes, System, Common and Customary Laws Addressing the Effects of Human Activity on the Natural Environment.
  • Protected innovation Law: – It Deals With the Rules for Securing and Enforcing Legal Rights to Inventions, Designs, and Creative Works.
  • Universal Trade and Business Laws: – It is a Law That Includes the Suitable Rules and Customs for Handling Trade Between Countries &the International Business Law is a Law That Consists of Trades and Transactions at a Global Level.
  • Statute: – Jurisprudence or Legal Theory is the Theoretical Study of Law That Mainly by Philosophers yet, From the Twentieth Century, Also through Social Scientists.

Distance Master of Laws (LLM) Jobs Types:

  • Advocate
  • Attorney General
  • District and Sessions Judge
  • Magistrate
  • Notary
  • Public Prosecutor
  • Solicitor
  • Legal Advisor
  • Trustee
  • Teachers & Lecturer
  • Law Reporter
  • Legal Expert

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